ASA of PA State Office
6449 Snavely Ct.
Harrisburg, PA 17111-4566

Office:  717-545-1217


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In compliance with the recently enacted Child Protective Services Law, Pennsylvania now requires PA State Police (PSP) Criminal Record Check and PA Child Abuse History Clearance for all personnel volunteering with children.  Paid personnel are also required to have the FBI (fingerprint) Criminal Record Check).

These clearances are in addition to the ASA Background Checks (and ACE Certifications) required for coaches/umpires participating in ASA National Championship events.

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  • ASA of PA has opted to return to the calendar year (1/1 thru 12/31) for individual registration for the 2016 season. 

Questions, please contact Suzanne Robison at the state office at 717-545-1217 or via email [email protected]

click here for more info on Individual Registration and REGISTERASA


We have learned of the recent passing of Luau Bowers' mother.

Our deepest sympathies to Luau, Marianna and family.

Condolences can be sent to:

123 Brunner Street, Hummelstown, PA  17036



ASA has re-aligned Regions.  

ASA of PA is now part of Mid Atlantic Region 2 along with NY and NJ.

ASA of PA is no longer part of Central Atlantic Region 3 with DE, MD, VA, WV.



As approved at the recent ASA/USA National Council Meeting in Louisville, KY

All changes will be effective as of 1/1/2016 unless otherwise noted





  The ASA of PA Office recently relocated to:

6449 Snavely Court, Harrisburg, PA  17111-4566

Phone:  717-545-1217           Fax:  717-545-1218

Email:  [email protected]



  • JO INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION PERIOD:  For 2016, we will be reverting to the calendar year as the registration year (1/1 thru 12/31/2016)  2016 registrations will begin approx. 12/15/2015.   Go to REGISTERASA page

  • ASA NATIONAL CONCUSSION POLICY: Teams must comply with the respective State's Concussion Policy wherever they play.

  • E-CIGARETTES are considered a tobacco products and are not permitted at JO events.

  • ASA NATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECK POLICY:  requirement extended to include ASA Council members, umpires working Junior Olympic Championship play and all RegisterASA administrators.

  •  OFFICIAL ASA MOBILE APPS  (annual fee applies) 

ASA of PA Objectives

As defined in Article 1.02 of the ASA of PA Code, the objectives of the Association shall be:

(a)     To promote amateur softball within the boundaries assigned to the Association by the Amateur Softball Association of America, for all persons regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry.

(b)     To promote all phases of amateur softball including Men's, Women's, Youth, Industrial, Church, Fraternal and Civic.

(c)     To establish uniform softball rules and regulations that can be observed by all its members.

(d)     To provide the game of softball with the proper safeguards in accordance with the spirit of true sportsmanship, so that the game will be fostered as a non-professional sport, engaged in by its members as a recreational activity.

(e)     To encourage the union of all eligible teams, organizations or groups into such separate divisions of play with active membership in the association as is deemed necessary to advance the cause of the cause of amateur softball.

(f)      To establish and maintain, by allied and affiliated membership, alliances with other organizations devoted to the promotion of amateur softball.

(g)     To conducts well-organized and planned Qualifying, District, Area, State, Regional and National Tournaments, in all divisions of play where possible.

(h)     To be represented in all divisions of play in Regional and/or National Area and National Championship Tournaments.

(i)      To define areas and districts in a manner that will benefit member teams.

(j)      To educate and train in the proper skills of amateur softball play and rules through promoting, organizing, and conducting clinics, seminars and training.

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